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FAQ-Laser Tattoo Removal 

Laser tattoo removal works by selectively targeting the ink in your skin with controlled pulses of laser energy. When these pulses of light penetrate the pigments of your tattoo, they disrupt the ink and break it up into tiny particles that are then absorbed by your body. Over time and with multiple sessions targeting more layers of pigment, this process fades the tattoo.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Will laser tattoo removal work for me?

The age, location, color and type of ink used will all impact your eligibility for treatment and how many treatments will be required. That’s why the first step in the tattoo removal process is to schedule a FREE consultation with us.  During your appointment, we will evaluate your tattoo, discuss with you what to realistically expect from your treatment, and design a treatment plan that offers you optimal results.

How much does tattoo removal cost?

 Your total cost will depend on the size, pattern, color(s), and location of your tattoo and the number of treatments needed for optimal results. We will provide an exact price quote for you at your consultation.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Treatment is different for all patients; some of our patients report that it is quite comfortable, while others feel a little more sensitive to the pain, which feels like a rubber band snap against the skin. We will provide eye protection, prep the treatment area, and slowly and precisely pass the laser over your tattoo. While you may notice a faint lightening of your tattoo after the first treatment, following sessions will provide progressively more dramatic fading.

What is the recovery process?

After your treatment, we will gently soothe the area with ice and our provided aftercare, and you will be sent home with a bandage over the treated area to protect the skin. Some sensitivity and redness are to be expected for a few days, though these side effects should be minimal and short-lived. It’s important that you keep the area clean . Be sure to follow all aftercare instructions provided to you to ensure you achieve optimal results.

Can a laser completely remove my tattoo?

Though there are few risks and side effects associated with tattoo removal, it is important to have realistic expectations—there is no guarantee that your tattoo will completely fade away and be fully invisible. While we use the most up-to-date laser technology, which can remove all ink colors, darker-colored inks respond more quickly.

Finally, depending on the tattoo, your skin type, and your natural healing ability, it can take up to a year for tattoos to fade fully.

Laser tattoo removal
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